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Hey, I'm Avital :)

I'm a developer and public speaker, here to help you spotlight your work and deliver value with powerful storytelling. 

Storytelling is a muscle.

Anyone can benefit from becoming a better storyteller, regardless of context, job title, or audience. But if you're working with technology, you know how difficult it is to talk about what you do, and make it engaging. Storytelling is a muscle, however; it gets easier once we learn how to use it. With practice, you'll find yourself seeing the stories in everything you do, and becoming stronger at expressing those stories.

Let's flex that muscle!

We'll work one-on-one to craft your speech, or practice your storytelling and writing skills in a workshop setting. 

I love telling stories through cocktails

Here are some companies I've worked with. I look forward to working with your

team, too :)

Thanks for submitting!


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